Writing:  the activity or work of writing books, poems, stories, etc.: the way that you use written words to express your ideas or opinions. Could it be possible to actually make writing sound so boring?

So my definition of writing goes something like this: the absolute joy of sharing with the world words that can: paint pictures, enlighten, educate, make the reader laugh, cry, shiver, sweat, hunger, thirst, love, and hate. I could go on for pages along this line of thought but I will not make you suffer from my indulgence.

Not until recently did I feel comfortable calling myself a writer. I came to this epiphany by simply accepting the fact that I write, and have been for over 50 years. I have come to a point in my life where I have chosen to pursue writing as a means of expressing myself and not simply babble on about subjects I have no interest in for the pursuit of my bank account.

My interests are varied as well as my opinions and I will use this website as a vehicle to share what I call my “random acts of randomness” with my readers. Through the years I have followed in the footsteps of many so-called writers. Yes I have that unfinished novel waiting for my attention, too many outlines for short stories sitting on my hard drive, poetry (some published), and song lyrics I have been writing since I was a teenager. I have written many articles for websites, and article sites and have decided at this late stage in my life to simply write what stirs me. In other words, to follow my instincts and simply put into words what tickles my fancy.

The act of pursuing art as an expression of self is by nature a selfish gesture. Any artist must draw upon a particular skill set and a deep connection with their inner self in order to convey their message. A musician must become proficient with his/her instrument so that it can be the vehicle in which their message is transmitted. So to an artist with their medium and an author with their language.

The ironic thing about using words to express your thoughts is that everyone in the world, whether spoken or written, uses them. Keeping this in mind anyone can be a successful writer even with a limited knowledge of grammar and storytelling, though this is highly unlikely. What matters is that the writer finds his/her voice. That intangible magic which makes others craving more. As the title of this page indicates everything I wrote could be wrong.

So I created this website for the completely selfish reason of chasing a dream and making it come true. My hope is that somewhere out in the big wide world even one person may hear my voice.  Just click on the blog tab at the top of this page to explore this site. 

Many people hear voices when no one is there. Some of them are called mad and are shut up in rooms where they stare at the walls all day. Others are called writers and they do pretty much the same thing.” —Margaret Chittenden