Enchanted Embrace

The first time set the stage
Before I had an age
When the doctor placed me in my mother’s arms
And she took my hands to count my fingers

The countless times my mom and dad
Held my hand to keep me safe
The countless times I reached out
For their hand to feel safe

Oh that first love, that set my heart aflutter
That nervous, anxious reach, praying she reaches in return
That galactic collision when hand touches hand
A great awakening by such a simple act

And through my life, I have been so fortunate
To have met true friends with whom a handshake is no simple gesture
It’s heartfelt, with deep intentions
Saying I’m always here for you

Oh that true love, the “I do” love
When her every breath breathes life into me
When every step, though they may be apart
Finds me holding her hand for dear life

And with each birth of my children, the cycle expands
Allowing me a greater comprehension and burning desire
To create, with just the touch of my hand
A world safe and bursting with love for them

I was so fortunate to be with my dad
When he chose to leave this earthly plane
When I sat beside him and held his hand to the end
Just to return the favor

And now I have come to understand
That my hands are not just tools
To play guitar, fix the faucet, write this poem
What I have come to realize, finally

With open eyes and open heart
That all my life I have lived in a world
Created by the simple act
Of holding hands

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