Life Is Love

My Wife Circa 1974
I had learned the easy things
how to laugh, and cry
how to work and play
but what a miraculous day
it was...

when I first laid eyes on you
and my mind abandoned me
went bounding light and fancy free
any sanity escaping me
it was...

the singular greatest event in my life
which as till now and forever shall remain
the miracle of you, my wife
the holy grail of my life
and so...

these words seem empty compared
to feelings so beyond explaining
all the blessings that you've brought to me
the greatest being that

as this great adventure continues
and news horizons await beyond
windows filled with mystical vistas
you and I will step through the thresholds
unfettered by doubt, anchored by love

and so, my love, hand in hand
off we go to Adventureland
engulfed in crazy puppy love
still, after all these years
and so...let's go

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