Maybe Ten

She’s just my little girl
Been that way since she came into this world
Be that way for the rest of my life
Doesn’t matter if she’s five or sixty-five

Her swimming pool was a five-gallon bucket
And there was plenty of room to spare
Grandma’s glasses was hers to claim
Anyone’s pocket was her personal domain

Built her a house for Barbie and Ken
Think she was nine, maybe ten
Her mouth got so big, her eyes bigger still
I don’t know which one of us got the bigger thrill

Now she’s a teenager
Her room’s always a mess
Time is slipping away
She’s growing up to fast

She’s got a mind of her own
And I thank her mom for that
She’s got a heart of gold
And I thank God for that

When she’s thirty-five with kids of her own
She’ll still sit on my lap and bring me back home
To the times we spent through thick and thin
To her hugs and kisses when she was nine, maybe ten

I wrote this song for my daughter when she was a teenager around 1999. She is now closer to 40 than to 10, but as each day goes by my love for her grows. I am proud to say she has become a beautiful, loving woman, wife, and mother. All the things her mom and I hoped for her.

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