Our Kids

Your mom and I were just a couple when
Christopher’s birth made us a trio
How scary and wonderful it was back then
Each day became a new adventure

In just a day our lives did change
When formula and diapers became
The first items on our grocery list
I’m so sorry it had to be you, Chris

You were our experiment
Learning each new day
How hard it was to shape a life
Without getting in the way

It was a blessed day
When our daughter Kelly came our way
To teach and guide us that along the way
That hugs and smiles light the way

Our baby Joe was born at home
His brother and sister held him ten minutes later
He’s special that way still, a miracle to me
A bonding force of which he’s unconscious

With all of you, we’ve struggled at times
As I am sure most loving parents do
I want each of you to know we’ve tried
To let you find the best in you

From your first breaths to your first steps
And every day since, our love for you keeps growing
And when we no longer grace this earth
You will walk in the shadow of our love

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