Priorities For Life


The average adult human being lives his/her life with a certain set of priorities. Now, most of these have been inherited, set in stone, and handed down for generations. Go to school, get a job, work hard, fall in love, have a family, believe in God. You get the point. Look around at your family and friends. I am guessing at least 80% of the people you know fall into this category. This is what I would define as the pursuit of complacency. In seeking what is normal and comfortable one abandons the deeper levels of consciousness that reveal our true selves.

The driving factor that motivates nearly all of us is love. Love that is generally felt at an emotional level. Love that comes with attachments. Love that makes demands. What I will refer to as human love. Let me expound on this human love.

Let us start with self-love. In the most basic of terms, this could be egotism, vanity, arrogance, etc… At the highest levels, it could be caring, selflessness, sacrifice for the greater good above selfish intentions.

As humans, we fall into these cycles that resemble a workout on a treadmill. We work hard to get eventually nowhere in a spiritual sense. Now there is some growth of awareness. The sense that there is more to life beyond our comprehension. Many confuse this with faith. Understand that believing is not the same as knowing. Knowledge is the key to any kingdom. One can believe he/she can drive a car, but without the knowledge necessary to do so one will only fail. Belief can be a spark or a hindrance to greater awareness.

So how do we as humans generally obtain knowledge? We seek knowledge from without. The most common method is through mentors. That could be our parents, teachers, ministers, the school of hard knocks. What do all these mentors have in common? They are flawed. They teach through the lens of limitations and personal perspectives.

We now have at our fingertips the mass of informational wealth the internet provides. But just like mentors, we can choose to find information that suits our beliefs instead of broadening our horizons.

What it really comes down to this. Truth is subjective. We all experience truth in our own unique way. And that is exactly how we should be living a life of priorities, not based on what we were taught, but on priorities from which we caught. We all have aha moments that sneak up on us while we least suspect it. These are opportunities we need to pay attention to and build priorities on.

The only love worth pursuing is divine love. Divine love has no expectations, no beliefs, no attachments to self. It is pure, untainted, all-encompassing. It is simply a state of consciousness achieved only when one is ready to abandon self and surrender to pure love. At every step of the evolution of a life, one abandons what they know when new information is available. This is no different in the realm of spirituality. The difference is when one is on a spiritual path the ultimate teacher is yourself.

The question is this…are you satisfied with your priorities or do you have a hunger for a truth you know lies within yourself? Are you ready to drop beliefs that have been programmed for you and spread your wings as you jump off the cliff? As Jesus said, “the meek will inherit the earth”. What he left out is that it is the bold that inherit heaven.

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