The Day Democracy Died


The day after Trump won the election, I posted on Facebook that he would be the last president of the United States. In that post I mentioned that one of two events would happen. One, that he would refuse to leave office if he were to lose the next election, or, he would start a serious war and use the War Powers act to cancel the election altogether.

No one can doubt that since he has been in office our national security has been in jeopardy. He has systematically obliterated the State Department, the NSA, and the FBI. These agencies are far more important to our national security than our military simply because the do all the hard work so are military doesn’t need to.

The scariest thing that has recently been uncovered to make my point is how one political party has sold their souls for thirty pieces of silver to protect a man bent on destroying our nation. During the impeachment inquiry we saw every single Republican representative in the hearings constantly referred to the 2016 election interference by Ukraine and the Biden’s. Then a day after the public hearings ended we found out that the Senate members were told in a closed door session with the NSA two weeks before the hearings began that Russia has been running a disinformation campaign to target Ukraine and the United States in order to cover their tracks over the 2016 election interference they perpetrated starting as early as 2014. Yes, before they knew who the candidates would even be. Just to sew discord and division in our country.

What does this mean? It means that the Republicans had knowledge of this prior to the hearings and STILL used the Russian talking points throughout the hearings.

To make matters worse, a group of Republican senators just met with the White House to plan the possible impeachment trial. Now for those of you who don’t know why this is absolutely horrific let me explain. The Senate is the jury in an impeachment process. Which means that jurors sat down with the accused (Trump) to plan a strategy to insure innocence for the accused. Or to put it another way, assume it was a murder trial and the jurors met with the accused murderer to insure his innocence. On top of this Trump’s White House is obstructing Congress by telling his cabinet members to ignore legal subpoenas, which has never happened in the history of this country.

What all Americans must understand is that every significant move Trump has made has benefited Putin. From attempting to create a back channel to the Russians before he even took office, abandoning the Iraq nuclear agreement, gutting the State Department, pulling troops out of Syria, spreading Russian disinformation campaigns, but the icing on the cake was when he stood in front of the entire world in Helsinki and took the side of Putin over his own intelligence services. It is no coincidence that six people (more to come) from his campaign are now indicted and serving time or awaiting sentencing.

All the above actions to any logical observer would indicate guilt. Anyone innocent of serious allegations like this would argue to defend himself in any way possible. Trump has done just the opposite and his co-conspirators (Pence, Pompeo, Perry, and more) have done likewise by refusing to testify. Again, anyone innocent would welcome the opportunity to do so.

And with all that said, I believe what I started this post with will come true. Trump will be the first dictator of the United States. Just like Hitler he attacked the press, stacked the courts, and really created his own party as the Republicans are no longer the party of Lincoln and Reagan. The Republicans have proven they no longer have a patriotic bone in their bodies. Every democracy has failed throughout the history of this planet. And nearly all of them failed from corruption within the ruling party. Ours will be no exception.

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