Trump -Putin’s Useful Idiot

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The majority of Americans shake their heads in wonder that a man with Trump’s qualifications –NONE– could have become the President of the United States.

The popular justifications are:

The electoral college (no longer needed and should be abolished0

Hillary Clinton (a horrible, but completely qualified candidate)

The News Media (we could blame them for everything bad in America)

Poor Voter Turnout (no doubt on this one as it reflects that the dumbing down of America worked)

All of these are legitimate arguments, but none are the reason America is where it is right now.

Make no mistake, the last election was rigged by Putin.

The only justification one needs to come to this conclusion is that a sitting President, in front of the entire world in Helsinki, chose to side with Putin at the expense of his own intelligence community

But there is more. Trump was surrounded by campaign aides with Russian ties. As soon as he could he fired James Comey, the head of the FBI who was leading the investigation into Russian interference. And the very next day, in the Oval Office, he laughed about it with Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, calling Comey a “nut job”. He did not stop there as he continually attacks the FBI and its leadership to this day.

Now ask yourself this. How would a corrupt, conman whose every business venture ended in bankruptcy, know how to maneuver through a complex government system of checks and balances to bring it to the brink of collapse? Do you think a former KGB intelligence officer of 16 years could give a wannabe autocrat Trump and his flunkies some unhealthy directions to take control of America’s government? Do you seriously think that Trump could have won without the aid of Putin?

The world knows that Russia interfered in the election. The evidence is anywhere one chooses to look. Trump’s own lawyer was negotiating a business deal for a Trump Tower in Moscow while Trump was campaigning to be President. Six of his campaign staff have been indicted. He was running a criminal enterprise and the Republican party in the end became complicit.

Another piece of information confirming that Trump is Putin’s handmaiden is the fact Trump took no action to stop the practice of Putin putting bounties on the head of American soldiers in Afghanistan. After all, according to Trump’s own words, they are just losers.

And to this day the disinformation campaign headed by Putin has not stopped. It is in full throttle for the 2020 election. How do we know this? Trump’s own national security teams have told us so.

The question that needs to be explored is why is Putin doing this? We know Trump is in it for the money and self-gratification. That has been Trump’s modus operandi his entire life. But Putin is another matter altogether. He is smart as a whip. Every word he speaks is measured to produce his desired effect. Combine that with the fact he is pure evil, and you have the perfect comic book villain ready to rule the world.

With just a modicum of intelligence, one could conclude that Putin has the goods on Trump. He also knows how to play the man like Eric Clapton can play the guitar. So exactly what is the real motivation behind Putin’s game plan?

Power. Not just monetary or political power. He already has that. Nuclear power. Imagine what Putin would do or could do with the nuclear weapons he would control if he controlled Russia’s and the United States’ nuclear weapons programs. Trump ripped up the nuclear arms deal between the United States and Russia. Why would any President do such a thing? It could be this simple. Trump recently blurted out that America now has a “super” new nuclear weapon. Wouldn’t that be just grand in the hands of Putin? In fact, he may already have that information. We simply do not know because there is no oversight of this administration thanks to the Republican-led Senate and Trump sycophants in the White House.

The world should be very scared. Every person on the planet should be quaking in their boots. We are on the verge of the top three nuclear arms programs being controlled by autocratic leaders. Until now the United States has kept Russian and China in line. If Trump wins there is a real possibility of every nation in the world being subjects to blackmail by nuclear threat.

It should come as no surprise why so many military men have recently spoken out against Trump. They know better than anyone what the real threats are.   

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