You Walked Beside Me

Every day I take my sorry soul
Filled with silly hope down to the wishing well
Each coin I toss is just a dream of mine
That I’ll hold your hand one more time

All through the years, the ups and downs
You’ve held my hand – you walked beside me
Through all the laughter and the tears
You’ve held my heart – you walked beside me

I look around me now and see this empty place
Oh how I miss, how I miss your face
This place was filled with your smiles and grace
Oh, how I miss, how I miss your face

My steps may falter and my gait my slow
But nothing will deter me from the wishing well
In the hopes that my dreams come true
In my wishes that I’ll once more hold you

The paths we’ve explored were treacherous at times
And through each one, you walked beside me
You gave me the strength to believe in myself
And it was easy because you walked beside me

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